About the Owners

Anita Fortune Shepherdis the owner of this fabulous healthy hair salon, located in Houston, Texas. Partnered with her Daughter "Octavia Stewart" Is a full service salon that caters to all demographics and nationalities.  When it come to looking beautiful and creating awesome hair trends "Anita's Hair Emporium is the place to be.  Anita, acquired her hair license in the year 1985 and very passionate about her career as a hair designer.  She believes in keeping her services as genuine to the trade.  Especially when it comes to her hair weaving techniques.  Beautiful applications that always look natural, all the while keeping your original hair healthy and strong underneath.  After all being passionate about what you do reflects in your work.  Which builds trust and confidence and keeps her clients coming back for more.  

Keeping up with the Trends - Anita, attends the latest hair shows and conferences to stay on top of all the new products, styles, cuts and marketing techniques that are trending.  Running her business is all about making sure she is current and knowledgeable about whats out there in the world of beauty.  

Personal Approach - Anita has a chair side manner that is all about making her clients feel good and safe about doing business with her.  When a woman is losing her hair that is a very traumatic situation,  Anita, pays attention to the needs of her clients to ensure that they receive a beautiful style that will help them to gain their confidence back and restore their self - esteem. 

We're Getting A Remodel- Staying on top of the latest trends means that we have to provide a relaxing atmosphere to go with it.  Yes!, Anita's Hair Emporium is getting a beauty make - over. And the new additions are going to be fabulous.  We are super excited about our"Privacy Rooms", where we will be performing our hair weaving, braiding,  lace front and spa services, etc.  for our clients who prefer to not be in the open area of the salon.  

Mani - Pedi  - Suite will be available for our spa services, and last but definitely not least we are totally excited about our new in salon "Boutique"  Please be sure to sign up on our mailing list to be notified about the celebration of the re-grand opening.   

In Closing - These savvy entrepreneurs have everything in the works and are looking forward to continued success.  Giving fabulous services and working with all hair types is what makes "Anita's so diverse.These ladies  know that what they do is a God given talent.  That's why they see beauty in everything they do. 

We are always available for our clients.  Any questions or concerns you may have please feel free to drop us a line.  We will do our best to resolved your issue or answer any questions you may have. 



Tel: 281-445-6617   |   anitashairemporium1@gmail.com 

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